Choose from one of our three giant Super Screens. The screens provide crystal clear TV viewing and can include your graphics or commercials. All vehicles have on board sound systems, editing rooms, remote cameras, wireless X Box, DISH TV feed capabilities and the ability to add a corporate banner underneath the screen when it is elevated.


Concerts, rallies and auctions can expand their venue size and provide more interactive displays with a Super Screen.


Super Screens ratchet up the action for any sporting event. Instant replays, remote activities, leader board scoring updates and sponsorship advertising can all be scheduled on a single screen to provide audiences immediate updates and access to al the action and information. Sponsors value exposure that commands the attention of the audience and the screen provides unlimited revenue opportunities.


Super Screen Units:

Truck 1:   13’ X 17’ 10’ elevation

Truck 2:    9’ X 13’ elevation 6’2”

Trailer 3:   9’ X 16’ 15’ elevation, screen rotates 360 degrees


Go where static outdoor advertising cannot with custom routing. By putting your message on wheels you can also have access to areas where traditional outdoor ads are zoned out-we will simply drive your message into that area. You can provide the custom routing you desire, or we can work with you to establish the most effective route for reaching your audience throughout the day.


Also consider mobile billboards as an effective compliment to your more static outdoor advertising displays like billboards.


We can add brand ambassadors to work hand-in-hand with the billboard.