We are a full service production company and a one stop special effects shop that specializes in producing spectacular laser light shows, laser displays, media projections and special effects for all types of events and permanent installations.


We produce and perform high quality shows all over the country and internationally at very competitive rates. We have won many international awards and has produced thousands of laser shows that have been viewed by millions of people.


All of our laser light show projectors now use the latest technology in solid state DPSS/OPSS lasers. Our award winning in-house art department uses 3D Studio Max, Flash and our laser software to create fantastic graphics and productions.


Not only do we produce laser shows, but we offer many other effects, such as lighting, sound, flame projectors, Sky Beams, fog, low fog and more.


Our Stinger series laser projectors are custom built with high quality optics and scanners, using the latest DPSS solid state lasers .Optional DMX controls or ILDA connectors.

Pricing can have a wide range and can be effected by the type of show, date(s), number of shows, location, setup, production, length of show, type of laser systems, quantity of laser systems, indoors or outdoors, type of screen, additional effects such as flame projectors, intelligent lights, space cannons, sound systems etc. Average shows are $6,000 to $25,000. If very simple the price can be lower. If a very large production we can add as much as you can afford. We can also work with fixed budgets so if you only have a certain amount to spend we can put together a production that works within your budget.