Our team of jumpers include some of the best skydivers in the world and have jumped all over the world including Moscow Russia and Normandy France! The team has more than 1000 exhibitions, jumping into Ground Zero in New York City, college football games and many NASCAR events.


They jump as a team, fly with the largest American flag in the world (7500 square feet!) to your landing site, or do night time jumps with fireworks, or jump as a company mascot.


Jumpers can trail a company banner or a parachute can be branded with your company logo.


Many shows are available including Smoke, Parachute Stack, Night Pyrotechnics, Streamers and Smoke, Flag and High Performance Landing shows.

A typical Demonstration jump consists of 4 jumpers exiting the plane at approximately 5000 feet. At least one of the jumpers will trail a 20 X 40 foot American flag providing a spectacular show of patriotism. The remaining 3 jumpers trail red, white and blue smoke.


The Night Pyro show is our most requested show. It consists of 4 TSA fireworks licensed demonstrators.  We typically exit the aircraft between 4500 to 5000 feet above the ground. Pyro is ignited under canopy all the way to 500 feet and then the demonstrators land in the target area.


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